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Do Twitter, Facebook and blogs drive (Australian) book sales?

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I’m working on an article for the Australian Society of Authors’ Australian Author magazine about online reader communities, and I’m looking for writers, publishers and booksellers who use Twitter, blogs or other social networking technologies to successfully promote their books.

There was a recent Twitter conversation about this topic and a really interesting post at Publishing / new media analyst Charlotte Abbot mentions a couple of examples of Twitter / blog driven books in her analysis. But those are mostly US examples, and I’m really looking for locals.

Specifically, I’m looking for examples where people have been able to track the correlation between online activity and book sales. It’s one thing to drive traffic to a website or blog (tools like Google analytics can track this), but I’m looking for evidence from people who have been able to convert these readers / followers / subscribers into paying customers.

I know that reliable, traceable promotional activities are the pot of gold at the end of the marketing rainbow, but ideally, that’s what we’re after!